Kel Tec PF-9, Semi Auto, 3.1" Black

Kel Tec PF-9, Semi Auto, 3.1" Black


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    Allow International Shipping: No
    Weight Unloaded: 12.6oz
    Dimensions: L-5.85” W-0.88” H-4.3”
    Color: Black
    Upc: 640832000160
    Country Of Origin: USA
    Steel: Aluminum Frame
    Condition: New
    Sights: Adjustable
    Capacity: 7
    Barrel Length: 3.1"
    Type: Semi Auto
    Manufacturer: Kel Tec
    Caliber: 9mm
    Model: PF-9
    Product Description:

    Kel-Tec® PF-9 Semi-automatic 9mm Handgun for Sale

    Born in 2006, the PF9 is still smaller & lighter than most 9mm pistols and remains a top seller in the concealed carry market. CNC constructed from a single block of 4140 steel and heat-treated, every PF9 slide is built to last. They also come in several different coating options to resist holster wear, harsh solvents, and the rigors of training.

    This 9mm Pistol for sale with Hamilton Rifle Company has earned the reputation as being well-made and versatile. It is a highly accurate handgun for concealed carry. It is easy to operate and has adjustable sites. It'll for sure be your go-to handgun. 

    This semi-automatic pistol is based on Kel-Tec's earlier P-11 and P-3AT models.

    Kel-Tec PF-9 Features

    • Adjustable rear sight
    • Under barrel accessory rail 
    • Easy to Conceal and Carry
    • Recoil Operated
    • Locked Breech and double action only

    Key Specifications 

    • Overall length: 5.85"
    • Overall width: 0.88"
    • Overall height: 4.3"
    • Overall weight: 12.7 oz.

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