Beretta USA 92x Full Size Semi Auto 4.7" Pistol

Beretta USA 92x Full Size Semi Auto 4.7" Pistol

SKU: J92FR921G

Another great addition to the famous handgun line that brings you quality.

Hamilton Rifle Co. proudly presents the Beretta 92x G model.

Guaranteed quality. 


Allow International Shipping: No
Safety: F - Decocking Safety
Action: Single/Double
Weight Unloaded: 33.3oz
Dimensions: L-8.5" W- 1.5" H-5.4"
Color: Black
Upc: 082442907642
Country Of Origin: USA
Manufacturer Model No: J92FR921G
Condition: New
Magazine: 3 17 round magazines
Sights: High Visibility Orange/Black
Capacity: 17
Barrel Length: 4.70"
Type: Semi Auto
Manufacturer: Beretta
Caliber: 9mm
Model: 92x
Product Description:

Beretta USA 92x G Model

Beretta is proud to bring you the 92x series of handguns. Coming in 4 styles, the G model is but one of the Full Size models that bring out the power that the infamous M9 family is known for. Its one of a kind straight backstrap profile frame with new flat & wraparound, rugged, no-slip hand grips and sleek, lightweight portability fit the needs of most users right out of the factory.

The G model arrives to you with combat sights, enhanced fire control, and an extended magazine release; Resulting in a robust handgun that always leaves its competition in the dust. Its use is ideal for any normal shooting use; From competitive self defense. Be a part of this grand step in innovation with this top of the line handgun model.

Backwards Compatibility

If you are a seasoned handgun user, then you are likely to have most other popular models of Beretta. Should you want to switch parts and customize your model F you can! 
Many of its parts, including the trigger, textured grips and sights on the 92X series are backwards compatible with the 92FS & later models. 

Same goes for the magazines.


  • Compact design for power
  • Enhanced sights for optimal shooting
  • Straight backstrap profile frame
  • Texturized no-slip grip
  • lightweight
  • Easy to maintain and simple to use
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