Beretta Ambi Hunter Knife

Beretta Ambi Hunter Knife

SKU: BER-Ambi-Hunter
  • Beautiful Cocobolo wood handle
  • Excellent, high grade blade
  • Curve shaped handle for comfortable grip
  • Lanyard hole for easy attachment
  • Leather sheath

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Handle Length: 4.5"
Allow International Shipping: Yes
Weight Unloaded: 2 lbs
Color: Cocobolo wood
Upc: 0
Country Of Origin: Japan
Steel: AUS8
Handle: Cocobolo wood
Manufacturer Model No: 0
Blade Length: 4"
Condition: Used
Product Description:

Beretta Ambi Hunter knife

An elegant rustic looking knife that seamlessly blends the sharp utility every hunting knife should have, with a nice woodsy style any huntsman would be proud to show off. The beautiful cocobolo wood handle adds a unique look and feel to this hunting knife. High quality blade, sharpened to a crisp point for optimal cutting. When used for slicing meat or even vegetables outdoors, the blade simply glides through as if it were cutting paper. A groove is carved on the bottom of the knife to rest your index finger when the knife is in use. Safety precautions must be taken, always slice away from yourself and never wield when inebriated.

Excellent, unused condition. Leather sheath. Blade length 4". Handle length 4.5"  Made in Seki, Japan.

Discover the Ambi Hunter's Versatile Utility

The standard usage would be for slicing just about anything that a blade can cut through. However, this hunting knife is also capable of being put to the test for a plethora of tasks, including:

  • Witling
  • Splitting thin logs for firewood
  • Carving wood
  • Etching wood

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