Beretta CX4 Storm Pistol Caliber

Beretta CX4 Storm Pistol Caliber

SKU: JX49210M

Perfect for users already familiar with Beretta handguns, or for those don't have much experience handling a rifle or carbine.

Remarkable quality and premium craftsmanship

Hamilton Rifle Company assures you'll love this gun

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Color: Black
Country Of Origin: Italy
Manufacturer Model No: JX49210M
Blade Length: 16"
Condition: New Old Stock
Capacity: 15 to 30
Barrel Length: 16"
Type: Semi Auto
Manufacturer: Beretta
Caliber: 9mm
Model: Cx4
Product Description:

Beretta CX4 9mm Carbine

Older model Beretta Cx4 that takes 92 magazines.  Manufactured in 2005. This carbine pistol has not been fired and still has the tags on it. It comes with the hard case, 4 magazines (2 15 round and 2 20 round), owner's manual, cleaning rod, sight adjustment tool, attachable rail, and multiple sides and bottom accessory attachments. 

The cold-hammer-built barrel delivers the kind of accuracy the majority of seasoned shooters will absolutely love. Simple to use, with remarkable reliability & low recoil, this pistol has been snagged by several law enforcement agencies across the US. While its versatile nature & customization options have made it a fan favorite among recreational shooters, it's carved its way into the hearts of all gun enthusiasts. Whether you use it for home defense, hunting, competition, or training, the CX4 storm carbine pistol delivers what it was designed to do.

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Incredible Versatility

Lightweight & compact carbine was built to be utterly easy to adapt to the desires of most shooters. The operating handle, safety & magazine release are reversible, granting you the opportunity to train or shoot regardless of hand orientation; Case ejection is allowed to be switched from right to left. The length of pull is adjustable, causing the CX4 carbine pistol to easily rise up to shoulder height. 

Its aperture & post sights are adjustable, meaning you can train with your favorite brand of ammo without needing the help of a gunsmith. After a day at the range, this carbine is a breeze to disassemble and put back together. Its ruggedly sturdy design & surface treatment allow it to stand up to any task you use it for.

Ease of Use

Because of its customizability, the cx4 practically begs to be accessorized. Between the front & rear sights, it sports a full-length aluminum top rail useful for mounting optical & red dot sights. It also features a retractable Picatinny rail that extends from the fore-end, allowing users to mount tactical lighting devices & other accessories. Additional rails can be mounted on the left, right, and bottom, easily providing plenty of opportunity for customization.

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