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Utility Knife Uses

November 20th, 2020
Carving pumpkin with utility knife

I have a husband who always has a utility knife on him. I wouldn’t call him the most “handy” person but I will say there've been many times it's been clutch. Below is a list of some great ways to use your utility knife when you are in a pinch. Ways I’ve used it and now carry a small one on me because you just never know when you’ll need a knife or scissors, especially when you have a dog or plural in my case.

  1. Slicing Meat, especially when you are grilling or at the campfire
  2. Slicing hard cheese
  3. Cutting leashes and leads for your dogs, sometimes they break theirs and you need to create one in a pinch from rope.
  4. Cutting branches
  5. Cutting herbs
  6. Cutting any weed, shrub, or more
  7. Cutting string
  8. Cutting tape
  9. Cutting boxes, especially the 500 you get from Amazon
  10. General kitchen tasks, like slicing vegetables
  11. Cutting sandwiches
  12. Bringing them along when you travel, you never know when you need it. I’ve almost ALWAYS needed it.
  13. Cutting large pieces of plastic, especially pieces of tarp while camping
  14. Cutting Drywall
  15. Chopping up old carpet
  16. Cutting a rigid foam board
  17. Opening painted shut windows
  18. Using it to open a beer - can’t find an opener, no problem
  19. Using it as a make-shift wine bottle opener. This has happened to me more than I’d like to admit.
  20. Sharpening pencils
  21. Removing paint-covered screws
  22. Removing old grout from the bathroom
  23. Unjamming a drawer
  24. Freeing painted baseboards
  25. Removing old tile

Here’s our mini list of the uses of utility knives, get yours today with Hamilton Rifle Company.

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