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Bolt Action Rifle vs Semi Automatic Rifle

November 5th, 2020
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The bolt action rifle and semi-automatic rifle have several common qualities among firearms. When choosing between the two options, there are a few things you want to consider when making your choice. Getting experience with several different types of firearms may help you make your decision before making a purchase.

Ease of Operation

The bolt action rifle typically wins out in an argument of ease of operation. With less moving parts on a bolt action rifle, they are generally easier to operate with the bolt being the only part that moves. The semi-automatic rifle has several moving parts which can make it harder to operate. The bolt action rifle is a more versatile firearm because it can host many calibers and bore big hunting cartridges to hunt a variety of game.


The bolt action rifle is known to have a pretty intense recoil after the shot. If you are out on the range shooting a lot of rounds, the semi-automatic rifle may be the way to go due to less strength needed to steady the run for each recoil. The semi-automatic rifle breaks the recoil down into three parts which allows it to be more drawn out than the one-time, immediate kick-back of the bolt action rifle.


With less moving parts, the bolt action rifle typically wins out with premier accuracy with pin-point precision. The semi-automatic rifle uses part of its energy to pump-up the new round and therefore takes away from the distance and accuracy of the firearm. While the rate of fire is faster, it is not as accurate. The semi-automatic also has a shorter range than the bolt action rifle.

Rate of Fire

When purchasing a new rifle you need to consider how fast you want to shoot your shots. If you’re looking for a firearm that can shoot a lot of rounds quickly, you will likely want to go with a semi-automatic rifle. The semi-automatic rifle can shoot multiple rounds in a rapid-fire method. A bolt action rifle can be shot quickly but would require a very experienced shooter. A bolt action rifle also does not hold as much ammunition in one round as a semi automation rifle does. Stopping to reload your rifle will consequently decrease your rate of rapid-fire.


The bolt action rifle is usually less prone to malfunctions. The rifle is known for being rugged and durable. The semi automatic rifle is susceptible to a variety of issues that can either be caused by an inexperienced shooter that does not follow the proper maintenance technique or just weapon issues that can happen. Several of the malfunctions can be avoided by proper use and handling, but others happen over time with continued use.

Bolt Action Rifles from Hamilton Rifle Company

Ruger American Rifle - 223 REM

Introducing the Ruger All American Made Rifle offered to you exclusively from Hamilton Rifle Company. It is a great reliable rifle and highly durable. This Ruger Rifle is easy to shoot and gives you the same type of value as many higher priced guns for sale.

Allow International Shipping: No

Safety: Top Tang

Ruger Rifle

Action: Bolt

Weight Unloaded: 6.38 lbs

Dimensions: 42 in Length

Color: Blued

Upc: 736676069132

Country Of Origin: United States

Manufacturer Model No: 6913

Condition: New

Magazine: 5 Round Magazine

Capacity: 5

Barrel Length: 22"

Type: Bolt Action

Manufacturer: Ruger

Caliber: 223

Model: American Rifle

Tikka T1X 22LR 16" Threaded Barrel Bolt-Action Rifle

The Tikka T1x rimfire rifle is designed to handle a wide range of shooting tasks. Its unique barrel has a cross-over profile, which offers you the benefits and stability of a heavier barrel without noticeably increasing the overall weight. It’s a rimfire rifle of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship that performs perfectly at the range and in rough terrain.

Allow International Shipping: No

Color: Black

Upc: 082442932897

Country Of Origin: Finland

Tikka Thread Barrel Rifle

Steel: Blued

Manufacturer Model No: JRT1X300SB

Condition: New

Magazine: 1 10 round magazine

Sights: No Sights

Capacity: 10 + 1

Barrel Length: 16"

Type: Bolt Action Rifle

Manufacturer: Beretta

Caliber: .22 LR

Model: T1X

Tikka T3X Lite .308 Bolt-Action Rifle, Veil Wildland Camo

The T3x Lite Veil Wideland is an exciting new addition to the Tikka range of hunting rifles. The Tikka T3X features the innovative veil wideland camo pattern and fluted bolt with an oversize bolt handle. 

Allow International Shipping: No

Color: Veil Camo

Upc: 082442924700

Country Of Origin: Finland

Tikka Bolt-Action Rifle

Steel: Cerakote over Stainless Steel

Manufacturer Model No: JRTXVW316

Condition: New

Magazine: 1 detachable 3 round magazine

Sights: Integral 17mm Rail, drilled & tapped to receive standard (Weaver) scope mount bases or Picatinny rail

Capacity: 3

Barrel Length: 22.4

Type: 2-Lug Fluted Bolt Action, Push Feed, Plunger Ejection

Manufacturer: Tikka

Caliber: 12 ga

Model: JRTXVW382

Semi Automatic Rifle from Hamilton Rifle Company

Beretta A400 Upland Shotgun

New for 2018, the A400 Upland shotgun offers an amazing package for upland hunters looking for the reliability of the A400 series and the reserved grace of the Beretta shotgun line. With its elegantly engraved nickel-plated receiver, its classic Beretta blue barrel, and its select walnut stock with Xtra Grain finish featuring a new for 2018 integral Kick-Off Mega recoil dampener.

Allow International Shipping: No

Action: Semi - Auto

Weight Unloaded: 6.7 lbs

Color: Stainless

Upc: 082442923789

Country Of Origin: Italy

Semi Automatic Beretta Rifle

Steel: Blued

Manufacturer Model No: J40AN28

Condition: New

Sights: Fiber Optic Front Sight Fixed

Capacity: 3

Barrel Length: 28"

Type: Shotgun

Manufacturer: Beretta

Caliber: 20 Gauge

Model: A400 Upland


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