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Beretta Used Handguns from Hamilton Rifle Company

July 21st, 2020
Used Beretta Pistols for Sale

Buying an item brand new can be great for certain products but some things, like guns, for example, don’t always need to be the newest model to be a great purchase. Here are some used classic firearms from Beretta that we enjoy using and selling. See why they are a great fit for any firearm collection and potentially make one of these your next purchase from Hamilton Rifle Company. 

Beretta Bobcat 21A-.25 Cal.

This is an ideal gun for concealed carry as it strives to be one of the best pocket pistols across the board with not only Beretta but pistols for sale in general. This gun is very easy to use and accurate which is due to the design of the frame and barrel. This is a good gun purchase overall and has a nice punch for a small gun.


Beretta Bobcat

  • Frame-mounted, thumb-operated rear-locking safety
  • The hammer has a half-cock safety notch
  • There is an inertia type firing pin design
  • "Tip-up" barrel
  • Gas-powered system
  • Ejects the spent brass backward and up


Country Of Origin: United States
Magazine: 7
Capacity: 7
Barrel Length: 2.4"
Caliber: .25
Model: 21A

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Beretta M1951 9MM Surplus

This Beretta M1951 9mm is a rare, one of a kind pistol sold exclusively in the United States and has historical significance as Beretta’s first "locked breech designed" 9mm pistol. It was in production from 1953 to 1980. The reason for the long production was due to its quality and that it was adopted by the Italian Navy until 1977. Other military forces have also adopted the M1951. It has a variety of great features - see below:

Beretta M1951


  • Original Beretta Production
  • Italian import
  • Beretta’s first locked-breech design
  • Single Action Semi-auto
  • Steel frame design production
  • Cross bolt safety
  • One 8 Round magazine


Country Of Origin: Italy
Magazine: 8 Rounds
Capacity: 8
Barrel Length: 4.50"
Caliber: 9mm
Model: M1951

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Beretta 1935 IN 7.65 Browning

The great thing about this used Beretta 1935 is one of its key features is that all parts are interchangeable, which simplifies the maintenance and manufacturing. The Model 1935 relied on a proven blowback, single-action, semi-automatic function featuring a muzzle velocity of 925 feet per second and feeding on an eight-round detachable box magazine fitted into the base of the grip.

Beretta 1935


  • .32 ACP
  • 3.70" Barrel length
  • Notch Rear Sight
  • Blade Front Sight
  • 5.98" Overall Length
  • 1.39 lbs Weight (empty)


Country Of Origin: Italy
Manufacturer Model No: 1934
Magazine: 8
Sights: Fixed
Capacity: 8
Barrel Length: 3.70"
Caliber: 7.65 Browning or .32 ACP
Model: 1935

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Beretta 418 Panther

This model found favor with high ranking Italian officers during the Second World War and made a great sidekick for personal protection in Europe. It’s easily concealed and just as easy to load, which would make sense why it is the original James Bond pistol making it fun to add to any collection. It has proven to be an enduring piece in a solid handgun collection.

Beretta 418 Panther


  • Open slide design
  • Straight Blowback Action
  • 7 rounds capacity
  • Fixed iron sights
  • Rear notch and front blade


Country Of Origin: Italy
Steel: Stainless
Handle: Black Synthetic
Magazine: 1 Magazine
Sights: Fixed
Capacity: 7 Rounds
Barrel Length: 2"
Caliber: 6.35mm
Model: 418 Panther

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Take a look at these 4 Beretta used handguns offered to you exclusively by Hamilton Rifle Company. We are always aiming to please and provide great customer service.

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