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A Guide for Women Who Are Considering Getting a Concealed Carry License or Permit

December 21st, 2020
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If you are a woman who lives alone, travels often for work or leisure, has small children, or simply wants to have more self-protection, you might be considering getting a concealed carry license or permit. As a new mom, I am looking into getting one personally, and have been researching into why I might benefit from a concealed carry permit along with how to make the process smooth, easy, and of course safe! I'd like to share with you what information I've found to make me, as a woman with not much experience with firearms, more educated, and comfortable with the idea of carrying a firearm eventually. Just remember that everyone's comfort level and experience are different so do what is best for you while making safety a priority.

Why Should a Woman Consider Getting a Concealed Carry Permit or License?

If you are a woman considering carrying you know one of the main factors is self-defense, safety, protection and you are not alone in this. In fact, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center, as of 2018 concealed carry permits for women are on the rise at 111% faster than men. Unfortunately, the truth is being a woman means you are more susceptible to robbery and crime in public especially when you are by yourself. If you have small children, you also automatically feel protective of them by nature so looking for a way to protect your children when out is equally important for both your comfort and their safety. Though the likelihood that you would ever actually have to use your gun for self-defense in your lifetime is low, carrying a firearm can still provide a good sense of security and confidence. As an added bonus, if a stranger suspects or can tell that you are carrying a firearm, this will likely deter them from bothering you in the first place.

Where to Begin When Getting Your Concealed Carry Permit or License

First of all, every state is different in what the requirements are for you to obtain a license or permit to carry so we suggest you look into which has a list of requirements, fees, and information by each individual state. You can filter by where you live and find all of the information, articles, and resources you will need to begin the process of getting your permit to carry. You will likely have to be approved to carry, pay a fee, and take training/safety courses. There are also several requirements one must meet depending on which state you live in and each state varies depending on the gun laws of that particular state. For example, I live in North Carolina so my requirements are going to be different than say someone who lives in California which is a more liberal state with stricter gun laws overall. In North Carolina, I have to be a permanent resident of NC, my license is only good for 5 years, a background check is required and several other requirements are in place before I can get approved to carry. This may be different for you depending on where in the USA you live so do your homework before getting started.

After you have looked up your individual state's requirements, we highly suggest you look into taking a training and gun safety course if you haven't taken one in the past already or just need a refresher course. (Please note that classes may actually be apart of your requirements per state but we recommend it either way!) It is imperative to feel confident when carrying a firearm and know how to use it well to avoid feeling uncomfortable, or worst of all, accidents. Your local gun range should have gun safety and training courses or you might be able to find some online if you are not able to go in person. Regardless of how you receive initial training, we highly suggest you practice at the gun range with experienced instructors before carrying to ensure you get the correct method and safety protocols down. Once you have selected what handgun for self-defense you will carry with, it is also important to practice with that particular firearm since every gun is different to a degree and you want to make sure you are comfortable with the exact one you plan on carrying.

Items & Accessories Needed for Carrying

Gun for Self-Defense

The very first item you will need to carry is a handgun and one that you are comfortable shooting with and carrying. We have come up with a list of the best-selling handguns from Hamilton Rifle Company for women that you can view here. If you are a first-time gun buyer we have also written a blog here on the main things you will need to know. Handguns in general for women are different than men since women's hands tend to be smaller so this is something to consider when choosing a gun. Make sure overall it is a good fit and comfortable for your hand size.

Storage for Your Gun at Home

The type of storage you need to go with for firearms will definitely be impacted by your living situation at home and there is no reason to take the risk of leaving a firearm out in the open as there are many storage options out there. My husband and I have personally chosen to keep our self-defense firearm by our bed in a discreet drawer and in a locked case. The passcode is pretty complicated and one that only we know so no one, for example, those most vulnerable or an intruder, can accidentally press the buttons and risk hurting anyone. If you do have small children or those more vulnerable in your home or visiting your home, it is even more imperative that you find the best option with the lowest risks. The NRA has come up with a good list of ways to safely store a firearm that you can read about here. Regardless of which storage option for your gun that you go with, remember it is better to err on the side of caution and put safety as a top priority when storing a gun in your home to minimize accidents.


This one seems obvious but is often forgotten by new gun owners - you will need ammo if you plan to carry. Whether you choose to carry loaded is up to you and your comfort level but it is very important to have ammo available for self-protection in case you had to use your firearm in some way. Be sure to also set aside a certain amount to take to the range with you for practicing and a certain amount to store at home for self-defense. Most gun ranges sell ammo so you can probably find what you need there if you need to restock or buy some to practice with. You can also find ammo online or in a sporting goods store.

Holster for Carrying

There are tons of options out there for holsters now, especially for women, so there is no excuse to just throw it in your bag or carry out in the open which is a safety risk. The main point of a holster is to guard and protect the trigger lock to avoid accidents so it is imperative to get one as soon as you start carrying or before to make sure it is a good fit. From holsters designed to go on the body, in the purse, or under clothing you will be able to find something perfect for your lifestyle. Tactica Fashion has come out with a great list of holster types for women here that you can check out to help make the best decision for you.

Confidence Carrying

While this certainly isn't an "object" you would carry per se, it is still very important to have confidence when out carrying a firearm. We encourage you to do what you need to do and take your time to feel comfortable carrying a gun out. Take the training courses you need and multiple of them, ask your instructors questions, practice at the gun range, and practice carrying in your holster of choice to get a feel of the gun itself. Last but not least, do not forget to always abide by the 4 rules of gun safety which are important to minimize accidents as much as possible.

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