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7 Tips for a First Time Gun Buyer from Hamilton Rifle Company

July 2nd, 2020
Purchasing a Gun

Choosing to purchase a firearm for the very first time is a big and expensive decision. We don't take this decision lightly here at Hamilton Rifle Company and have come up with a list of things we think are important for the first time gun buyer. Whether you are looking to purchase a gun for personal protection, leisure at the range, or for a sport like hunting we have some advice for you. Please read on to see what our tips are for purchasing a gun for the first time.

1. Take a course to learn about safety & best practices for firearms

Before you decide to purchase a gun, be sure to take a firearm training course so you understand how to use a gun properly and all of the necessary safety precautions. You can find a course at a local gun range or even find some good options online at the NRA’s Firearm Training Website if that fits better for your schedule. If you do choose to go with an online course, make sure you still practice at the range since you obviously won’t get that experience just from learning online.

  • Class Tip: Take notes and don’t be afraid to ask your instructor questions. They would much rather you err on the side of caution when it comes to proper gun etiquette and safety.

2. Decide your firearms budget

This tip goes for any larger purchase in life but go ahead and decide what your budget is before looking into buying a firearm. You’re probably going to want to do some research both online and in stores to see what kind of gun you want and base your budget around that. Here at Hamilton Rifle Company, we offer great deals for our guns and firearm parts online. For an overview of what products we sell check out our main products page here. We have also broken down our website by the types of products we sell including handguns, long guns or rifles and shotguns, knives, and gun parts.

3. Think about your reasoning behind purchasing a gun

Are you purchasing a firearm for personal protection? How about hunting? Or is it simply just for recreational afternoons at the range with friends or to blow off steam after a long work week? Whatever your reasonings are we at Hamilton Rifle believe they are all completely valid. Be sure to take your reasonings for wanting to purchase a firearm into consideration when choosing the type of gun you plan to purchase. If you are lucky enough to have the budget for it maybe you’ll want to eventually invest in multiple types of guns like rifles, pistols, revolvers, and/or shotguns so you can have a variety depending on how you plan to use them. In general, we always recommend that every homeowner has a good firearm for personal protection and you’ll want to look into our options of Beretta handguns for this. We also sell a wide variety of long guns here at Hamilton Rifle Company so if you are looking for this type of gun click here.

4. Find a company that aligns with your beliefs

Do you want to purchase from a company that is American based or family-owned? If so, you’ll need to do your research to make sure that the company you choose to purchase from follows suit. If you have other requirements or beliefs in who you buy a gun from online you can research those ideals too and surely find a good fit. Hamilton Rifle Company is both 100% American and family-owned. Our roots are deep within the USA with our company starting back in 1887 in Plymouth, Michigan. To read more about Hamilton Rifle Company and see some of our original advertisements check out our About Us page here.

5. Read the reviews of different firearm companies

We are fortunate enough today to be able to read many reviews on any products we are looking to purchase online or offline and this is no different for gun purchasing online. Do your research and find credible sources of reviews. We suggest going straight to the manufacturer or seller’s website to find legitimate reviews from real customers. If you have purchased from Hamilton Rifle Co before, we encourage you to leave us a review or shout so we can better improve our products and know what is and what isn’t working for our customers.

6. Think about a holster or carrying option

Once you purchase a gun, you’ll want to find a holster or good carrying option if you are planning to get your concealed carry permit and carry your gun in public settings. You’ll want to find something that is discreet when out in public, a sturdy material that holds up well and is within your budget. We suggest going to your local gun shop or shooting range which is likely to have many options to look at and test out in person. There are a variety of options available now to carry your firearm in that are discreet like vests, purses, backpacks, and even options that you can wear under your clothing.

7. Look into safe storing options for your firearm

Last but certainly not least, once you have purchased your firearm you will want to think about how to safely store your gun in your home or where you plan to keep it at. This becomes even more important if you have children or other vulnerable members of your household who you do not want to get a hold of the firearm. We highly suggest you look into getting a gun safe or security case of some kind and putting it in a hidden spot in your house. Be sure to also get a secure lock for whatever you store your firearms in. For more information on how to safely store a firearm, the NRA has put out a great article on the options available and must-haves here.

Hamilton Rifle Company is an American gun store specializing in a wide variety of firearms, tactical knives, and gun parts by big names such as Beretta, Tikka, Moki, Glock, and more. Contact us today for more information or check out a list of the products we sell here.

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